Paras Tatuointi Deittisivusto Netissä
Paras Tatuointi Deittisivusto Netissä

naomi328 Profiilin Tiedot

Ikä 30 Kaupungista Ashburn, Virginia - Kirjautunut sisään - Yli 2 viikkoa sitten
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sometimes I am an angel, sometimes I am a devil, sometimes you will hate me and sometimes you will love me but I am who I am and no-one can change that!

im not thin, pretty, rich, or talented. I am honest, generous, loyal, and loving. Pass me by for what im not, and youll miss out on what i am-AMAZING!

Tattoos and i have a lot in common...we're both awesome, we can both hurt, and by the time we're done, we can leave a pretty interesting mark on you.

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